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The Ultimate Guide to Real Estate Photography: Secrets from Insideout Photography

1. Using a professional photographer to take photos for the property you’re selling will get more engagement from interested buyers. More interested buyers likely means more buyers bidding for a property; more bidding means not only a higher selling price for your client, but a higher commission for you (not to mention favorable recommendations from your happy client).

2. Bringing in a professional photographer demonstrates, and impresses, your seller, showing them your willing to spend money to help them sell their home for the best price.

3. You, as the realtor, having an expensive camera, means nothing for quality of photos. It’s about composition lighting, and more importantly, the processing of the shots at home.

4. A professional photographer will know how to stage the home for best effect.

5. You won’t need to buy a drone, virtual tour equipment of other equipment needed.

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