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Aerials - When to use them, and when to pass

Up until about just 6 years ago, getting aerial shots of a property involved getting a helicopter or airplane involved - rarely worth the cost. Today, it’s a heck of a lot easier, cheaper and much better photo quality to use a relatively affordable drone to get an aerial shot, if not 4K video.

But it’s not advisable for every property. You might not be able to actually get the shot, due to heavy tree canopy, or even being too close to an airport. If you don’t have those hurdles, you might not want to get aerials becasue:

  1. The home next door’s yard looks like a junk yard (or the seller’s does).

  2. Makes the home look like it’s really too close to other homes - or a major thoroughfare.

  3. Shows a structural defect, like a roof, that needs to be replaced.

However, aerials can add a view that perspective you just can’t get from the ground.

  1. You want to show how large the property is.

  2. You want to show how far away the home is from things considered detrimental - other homes, roads, etc.

  3. You want to show that the property is close to an amenity such as a body of water, a park, having “forever wild” parcel behind you, a park, a school, etc.

  4. Just a more pleasing “money shot” - such as to the side and up only about 20 feet (as in the picture shown)

  5. You can take a drone shot and photoshop in the property lines to help a buyer understand exactly how the property is laid out - very handy for properties whose lines are complicated.

Aerial shots can be a great way to give some extra zing for real estate photos - under the right circumstances.

NOTE: if you do hire a drone photographer as a realtor, make sure they have a FAA license to do so, else YOU can be fined $10k if you are taking photos for a business purpose!

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