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Amazing Greats: My best shots, and the stories behind them.

During my career, I’ve been happy to image some amazing places, and was able to grab some great shots. Here is the story behind them:

When I first started out, in 2017, it was just a drone. I needed some photos for a portfolio, so I headed over to a high-end development in Pittsford, and literally knocked on doors, telling people I was staring a business, and could I take an aerial shot of their home? As a thank-you, I’d send them the photos. This man identified with my story and let me get this great shot:

Taken at a $2.1M home on Seneca Lake - an orthodontist’s home. Brace yourself….

I don’t just work with Realtors; I’ve done work for Kris Betts, an interior designer:

Canandaigua Lake has some amazing homes, and this one had this little kitchenette inside, lol…

The Pumpelly House, in Owego NY. This was originally a carriage house and horse stable; now it’s an amazing party venue.

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